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Do you have unruly, acne prone skin?

"We are committed to going above and beyond the expectations of our clients by providing services customized for each guest.  Our stylists and therapists are eager to provide professional, cutting-edge tips, techniques, and treatment plans while embracing the wishes and ideas of each guest.  Complete satisfaction drives TaylorMade Salon & Spa to recognize every client is our ultimate focus."


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Brandy Skok: (704) 798 - 1735

   Anjali Majithia: (704) 999 - 5410

Taylor Knowles: (704) 798 - 2085

Jordan Johnson: (704) 960 - 5003

Bethany Roberson: (704) 298 - 5494

We are an appointment only salon. To book an appointment,

please call or text the service provider of your choice above. 

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